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Our founder, Amanda Panahi, has years of experience as a buyer for one of the biggest retailers in the world. She always found herself being on the hunt for those beautiful holiday attires but felt that there was a huge gap in the market. Seeing how she continuously struggled to find breathable, quality pieces the idea of MandiBreeze was born and set into motion. A premium resort wear brand, based in the heart of Stockholm, with “La Lumière” as the first collection. Now launching MandiBreeze third resort collection, this collection is a nod to the Mediterranean with focus on the blue and white colour scheme and is a great reflection of the core of the brand.

 The mission of our brand is to cater to all your summer capsule wardrobe needs – often with a delightful twist. Selectively chosen garments, handcrafted details and timeless sustainable pieces that hug you in just the right places. Our focus has been on the simple and chic, pattern and details that stand the test of time and honors that beautiful feminine silhouette.

 So here we are. Doing what we love, with all that we strive to be. Bridging those gaps, looking madly forward to that long-awaited summer breeze and dancing late until the sun sets - head to toe in stunning flowy fashion.  



Manufacturing in Europe is an active choice that MandiBreeze made early on to avoid long transports and keep the environmental impact low. The core value of our manufacturing is an ethical and sustainable working environment. We focus on quality over quantity and only produce a small number of pieces. We want our MandiBreeze girls to buy wisely and love and wear their clothes year after year.

We believe in transparency and manufacture our clothes in Portugal, Turkey and Romania in factories that share the same passion for sustainable fashion as Mandibreeze. They are highly committed to quality and ensure excellence from design to delivered garments. Their extensive experiences and amazing seamstresses is reflected in each piece and we take great pride in working with them.



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